Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools empower you to address the toughest operational and strategic decisions

Circle of Life was conceptualised to create an environment in which data backed decision-making can take place in the healthcare sector. At the heart of the business is the dichotomy that everyone talks about shortages in Healthcare but no one looks at the efficiency in utilisation. And the problem has been access to and analysis of data.

  • Length of Stay Analytics
  • Consumables Management
  • Bill estimation at admission
  • Price Elasticity of Demand
  • OPD, OT and IPD Scheduling
  • Readmission
  • Hospital Acquired Infection
  • At Risk Population Detection

For Whom

Hospitals can enhance performance by unlocking information hidden in multiple distributed data sources

WHY us

We dream of a healthier world

Our team of data scientists, medical researchers, operations specialists and machine learning experts have been working with some of the largest healthcare databases in the world and have developed proprietary algorithms using a combination of human and artificial intelligence