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Antimicrobial stewardship with Artificial Intelligence

ZEVAC helps Anti-Microbial Stewardship teams optimise clinical outcomes and minimise antimicrobial resistance by improving cure rates and minimising collateral effects, achieved by:

  • Stratified Antibiogram: Personalised at Institute’s Level
  • Localised Antibiotic Therapy Guidelines
  • Antibiotic Suggestions: Personalised at Patient Level

ZEVAC’s personalised suggestions help clinicians in identifying the chances of patient being infected to better guide antibiotic therapy

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Infection Control with Artificial Intelligence

DRUID helps Infection Control teams manage cross-infections in the institute by improving surveillance, early outbreak detection and identifying high-risk individuals

  • Infection Surveillance
  • Intra-Hospital Communication Module
  • Outbreak Alerts
  • HAI Identification & Classification
  • Identification of High-Risk Individuals

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Increase Patient Retention with Artificial Intelligence

SEER helps hospitals maximise revenue by minimising in-patient leakage and maximising patient engagement via personalised and accurate estimations

  • Length of Stay Estimation
  • Bill Amount Estimation
  • OP-IP Conversion Chances

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Streamline Resource Allocation with Artificial Intelligence

SKED optimises OPD appointment scheduling by considering no-show chances for each appointment taken in advance.
SKED dynamically updates slot(s) availability to meet the desired target as defined by the institute

  • No-show Prediction
  • Optimum Resource Utilisation
  • Admin Control
  • Realtime Updated

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About Us

Circle of Life was formed to create an environment in which data backed decision-making can take place in the healthcare sector. At the heart of the business is the dichotomy that everyone talks about shortages in Healthcare but no one looks at the efficiency in utilization.

Our Team

Our team of data scientists, medical researchers, operations specialists and machine learning experts have been working with some of the largest healthcare databases in the world and have developed proprietary algorithms using a combination of human and artificial intelligence.


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